Portrait of Alison

About Me

Having been raised in the Arizona desert, I have grown to love and appreciate its beauty and tranquility. I love the smell of the creosote bush after a hard rain. I start my day enjoying coffee under my ironwood tree and watch the critters busy starting theirs.

My interest in sewing and designing at a young age led me to a degree in Textile and Design from the University of Arizona in 1979. I have developed a reputation as a professional seamstress, tailor and designer of wedding dresses. I loved sewing garments of wool and there was always something intriguing about the natural texture of it and the beautiful creases it made when ironed. I began felting about 12 years ago. While searching online for wool yarn to knit, I came across a kit on “How to Felt a Scarf”. I’ve been felting ever since. As a natural progression for my affinity for the texture of wool, I have developed a passion for creating scarves, shawls, pillows and wall hangings. Many natural fibers such as silk, flax, and bamboo and other wools such as alpaca, llama, and camel can be felted into the wool and their different characteristics are amazing. I am always taking classes and experimenting and exploring with new and different combinations of fibers. The possibilities are fun, exciting, and endless!

I recently retired from a 35 year career in the airlines as a flight attendant. Oh, the stories that I could tell, but won’t…

About Felting

Wool felting is an ancient craft that was stumbled upon by nomadic tribes from Central Asia and predates weaving and spinning. A felting craftsman used the three basic steps of adding water, pressure, and agitation to the wool fibers causing them to tangle and interlock. Felting has evolved from this ancient craft to fine art by using natural and organic fibers such as silk, viscose, and bamboo to enhance and create a more artistic dimension on the surface area of the wool.

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